1. Game Type Options: A down down featuring a wide array of games that can be played.
2. Current Channel: This designates the current channel you are playing on. 
3. Game Type Options: By selecting the "Menu" button, you will see different game options.

4. Megaphone Shoutbox: Displays all messages using the Megaphone.
5. Battle Mode: Survival game can have 2-8 players in "Single" or "Team" mode.
6. Rumble Mode: Mission based battle games can have 2-8 players in "Single" or "Team" mode.
7. Create Room: Create your own rooms for either Battle Mode or Rumble Mode.
8. Main Menu: Select your destination from the Main Menu. Lobby opens up the Waiting Room. My Info opens up your character information and inventory. Store opens up the Cash & Carat Shop. Refinery opens up the Enchanting page. Medals opens up the Medals Shop. Rune Book opens up the Rune Book page. Fishing Bag brings up the fish you caught from the Plaza.
9. Option Menu: 
Select from Quests, Messenger, Giftbox, Options, and a button to Exit the game.

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