Rumble Fighter: Unleashed consists of four main channels: Amateur, Free, Guild, and 1vs1 Streak. Each channel is classified for different levels of skill. The Tournament channel is only available during special events.

Amateur Channel: This channel is a step up from the Beginner channel and welcomes all players to Rumble Mode fights such as Caged Beast, Moving Screen and more!

Semi-Pro Channel: After continuing to prove yourself, you will be moved up to the Semi-Pro channel. Beware of the higher level of competitiveness for this channel though as high level fighters usually hang out here.

Professional Channel: Only the best of the best Rumble Fighters will have access to this channel. You will have to truly prove yourself as a worthy fighter to enter this channel and fighter in the most challenging battles.

Free Channel: 
This channel is always available for all players at any level to showcase everything Rumble Fighter has to offer. If you're looking for the broadest range of competition outside of your channel, this is the place to be.

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