In addition to the powerful ranged attacks from his rifle, the Gunner has a unique set of crafting skills, that can create new equipment or to deploy multi-purpose devices in combat.

Gunners can advance to a [Sharpshooter] whose specialty is ranged attacks using a rifle, or to a [Creator] who is a master of crafting and installing combat-oriented devices.

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Freeze Charge Deal physical damage to a ranged target and reduce its movement speed and attack speed.

Create: Potion Brew a lesser potion.

Power Shot Deal more powerful physical damage to a ranged target.


Sharpshooters unleash devastating damage to a single or multiple enemies at a distance using bullets imbued with a variety of attributes.

Trained to eliminate enemy personnel, the Sharpshooter's can specialize into a [Sniper], who is an expert at taking down a single target or they can become a [Desperado], who are skilled in area of effect skills.


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Double Shot  Strike a ranged target twice.

Sniping Enter snipe mode. Critical change and hit are increased but the caster is unable to move while in this mode.

Flame Charge Deal damage to a ranged target and inflict a burn effect that deals periodic fire damage to the target.


Snipers are expert anti-personnel combatants.

Since the Snipers' rifle-based skills deliver powerful damage, they are tough adversaries in any one-on-one situation.


Desperados specialize in mass warfare.

Their rifle skills inflict massive damage to multiple targets within a certain area that may cause negative status effects. Due to the nature of these skills, Desperados excel in large-scale battles.



Wild Armor Mitigate damage taken by bestial reflex. Physical and magical defense are increased as long as this effect lasts.

Headshot Deal powerful damage to a ranged target by carefully aiming at its head.

Fatal Shot Aim for the target's weakness to deal devastating initial damage as well as additional periodic damage to the target.

Hidden Sting Detonate a bomb of condensed animal venom in the target area, temporarily relieving the enemies ability to fight back.

Shock Bombard Shoot a projectile that creates a powerful electromagnetic field. Deals damage and light shock to all enemies within the area.

Draconic Blast Deal powerful fire damage to all enemies within the target area with a flame in the shape of a legendary beast, the dragon.


Creators specialize in crafting and installing mechanical devices. They can support the party by deploying a variety of devices that enhance the combat effectiveness of the rest of the party.

High level Creators can become a [Maestro], who is specialized in item crafting, or they can advance to a [Mercenary] who is a master of installing mechanical combat devices.

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Grenade Launcher Launch a cluster bomb that deals damage to all enemies within the target area.  

Craft a mechanical device.

Ironman Install Ironman on the ground. It increases the defense of all friendly targets around it.


Maestros are first and foremost crafters. Their ability to craft unique high-quality items make up for more than their lack of battle prowess, as no Maestro finds it difficult to become wealthy.

Their choice of weapon is a cannon and their skills are powerful, albeit slow.


Mercenaries specialize in installing mechanical devices.

Their primary weapon is the cannon, but their combat ability with it is not remarkable. However, their attacking and blessing skills which affect a wide range of area, as well as multi-purpose devices, enable them to unleash a devastating power in large-scaled battles.



Rising Star Light Shock all enemies in the target area by firing a flare into the sky.

Armor 2
Craft high quality armor.

Destroy Space Deal damage to all enemies within the target area by unleashing destructive force.


Eclipse Install Eclipse on the ground. It deals periodic damage to all enemies around it. 

Mechanic 2
Craft a high quality mechanical device.

Blessing: Waterfall Install Blessing: Waterfall on the ground. It increases the attack speed, movement speed, HP/MP regeneration of all friendly targets around it.