Bladers are brave warriors that specialize in melee attacks with two-handed swords and spears. A Blader can take on several enemies at once with their stun attacks. Their primary role is to charge through enemy defense and strike down important targets.

Bladers who advance to the [Swordsman] class become dangerous two-handed killing machines while those who choose the [Spearman] class focus on ranged attacks using two-handed spears.

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Coercive Lower the defense of the target by reducing its morale with menacing vigor.

Body Blow Charge into the enemy dealing damage with temporary heavy shock.

Frenzy Turn into a blood-thirsty berserker. Gain additional attack power, but lose some defense for the duration of the skill.


Swordsmen are skilled users of two-handed swords. They learn several crowd control skills that inhibit enemy movements and can also attack multiple opponents simultaneously.

A Swordsman can specialize in dueling and become a [Swordmaster] while those who desire to engage enemies in large-scale melee combat can become a [Destroyer].


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Spine Breaker Attack an enemy with a forceful blow, dealing damage. This attack reduces the enemy's aggression and movement speed for a period of time.

Thunder Howl Overwhelm multiple enemies with a bellowing roar. All targets within range have a chance of being shocked for 4 seconds.

Phantom Thrust Attack each target in front of you 5 times with swift swordplay, each blow dealing damage.


Swordmasters specialize in one-on-one combat. Upon becoming a Swordmaster, they learn deadly offensive moves as well as ways to tap their faculties to the fullest for a short period, which are powerful tools in any one-on-one situation.


Destroyers strive to master the field of large battle. Their offensive skills can strike multiple opponents in an area, or stun them. They are effective in a large scale battle, not in a duel. 



Blood Insanity The adrenaline from fear and fury rushes through the caster, increasing the attack speed and dispelling debuffs.

Spine Breaker 2 Attack from behind, causing damage and reducing the movement speed and attack speed of the target.

Deal great damage to target.

Supersonic Crescent A lightning fast slash, dealing damage to an enemy.

Land-Divider Slam the ground to attack the enemies in front with a shockwave of molten magma, dealing great damage.

Thunder Howl 2 Overwhelm multiple enemies with a bellowing roar. All targets within range has a chance of being in Light Shock.


Spearmen are masters in the art of wielding two-handed spears. They learn to attack multiple targets at once while keeping their foes at bay with knockback attacks.

A Spearman who focuses on one-on-one combat can advance to become a [Crusader], while those who specialize in pushing back multiple advancing enemies at once can choose to become a [Dragoon].

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Wind Blade Instantly discharge compressed energy to an enemy, dealing instant damage as well as periodic damage for the duration of the spell.

Cyclone Flourish the spear to nearby enemies twice, each blow dealing damage.

Slater Damage the target by creating a wall of spears, leaving pierced wounds.


Crusaders are versatile combatants. Unlike Spearmen who are specialized in large scale battle at the expense of personal combat prowess, Crusaders have a repertoire of single-target melee attacks, although they are also effective crowd controllers, making them a good choice for any combat-based situations.


Dragoons continue to hone the area effects skills of the Spearmen for maximum effect. Even more versed in engaging multiple opponents than Spearmen, Dragoons are devastating in any melee battle, intimidating opponents with their strength and skill.



Wind Blade 2 Instantly discharge compressed enery to an enemy, dealing instant damage and damage over time.

Comet Spiral A quick thrust, dealing damage and knocking back the target to make an opening.

Critical Drive Deeply slash the target with a spear dealing critical damage.


Comet's Tail Deliver a quick thrust of the spear, dealing damage to nearby targets.

Coercive 2 Lower the defense of the target by reducing its morale with menacing vigor.

Death Pierce Impale enemies in front causing them to bleed.