What is Trade Scamming?

Trade Scamming happens in Rumble Fighter when a player A takes advantage of player B's misplaced trust or ignorance of the game and steals from player B via in-game means. Player A promises player B a certain item in return for another item. Once player A receives their item, they do no gift player B their promised half.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a player to prepare and protect yourself from being taken advantage of by others, and you can do so by being informed and not trading with unfamiliar people.

Will the support team assist with scams?

No, trade scams that take advantage of a player's trust or ignorance and do not violate in-game mechanics are not pursued by the RedFox Support team. No matter how vile the scam may be, RedFox Support is unable to compensate players for item or currency losses due to scams.

Additionally, the RedFox team will not take action on the scammer. We fully encourage players to be vigilant in protecting their own accounts when it comes to "trading". However, the RedFox Support team cannot get involved. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

To summarize, please do not gift people you do not know with full expectations of receiving something in return.