How can I reset my resell password?

If you have forgotten your password, or just want to reset it, here are the steps to take.  

1. Navigate to

2. Log into your RedFox Forum account

3. Click the "New Support Ticket" button

4. Fill out the form.  Set the Subject line to "Resell Password".  

5. After you send this ticket, our Support Team will get to your reset request at our earliest convenience.  

6. Once you have received confirmation that your Resell Password has been reset,  you will need to head into game to finish the rest.  

7. Click on "My Info"

8. Then click on the "Resell" button.

9. You can now enter a new Resell Password of your choosing.  

Congratulations! Your Resell Password has now been reset.  You can now resell any eligible items in your inventory. If you have any further issues with your Resell Password, feel free to send another ticket.