Kingdom Hunter is an elaborate strategy TCG mobile game where true Heroes are united to establish a Kingdom and unlock the secrets of the ancient gods in order to conquer the world. Earn 'Lord Coin,' a new digital currency generated by the WEMIX platform, while establishing your Kingdom simultaneously! Collect 'Runestones,' which are a core currency to improve your Heroes and Kingdom, then simply convert the 'Runestones' into 'Lord Coin'.

An Epic Journey with Attractive Hero Cards

There are more than 150 Heroes with unique skills to help you develop and fight your way through the world of Kingdom Hunter. Each Hero can also be customized to suit the needs of your Kingdom, giving you the freedom to develop your Heroes the way you see fit!

Fearsome Battlefields in a Vast World Map

The huge World Map provides room for battlefields and strategic bases where you can find essential resources and items needed to build up your Kingdom. Rally up with your Alliance members and engage in fierce battles against other players across the entire world!

Strategic Play

With over 80 Unit types and classes for your Heroes to command, customize your Army and Hero Skills to gain the advantage in turn-based battles. Decide how and where to deploy your Heroes in order to turn the tides of battle in your favor!

Capture Enemy Heroes and Persuade them to Join your Forces!

This core system from our previous title, Battle For The Throne, has returned with new improvements. After conquering an enemy Kingdom, you will have a chance to capture Enemy Heroes. Use your Diplomatic skills to persuade the captured Heroes to join your Army.

Internal Affairs are the Cornerstone of the Mighty Kingdom

There are more than 15 types of building to develop within your Kingdom, each with its purpose. As a Lord of your own realm, you must focus your Kingdom's efforts on Resource Production, Training Units, Research, Recruiting Heroes, and more.

Play and Earn

The world of Kingdom Hunter is structured on a huge map where up to 1 million players can join forces to form powerful Alliances and seize control of core locations, including the legendary 'Rune Tree' to acquire Runestones. Runestones are a currency used by the Gods and can be acquired through in-game activities such as Events, Daily Quests, and many other ways. They are vital to the development of your Kingdom and Heroes and can also be exchanged for ‘LORDCOINS’ via the Ingame Exchange Post. LORDCOIN is a new digital asset that can be exchanged with in-game currency (Runestones) to trade via the WEMIX Wallet app.

Visit Kingdom Hunter's Official Guide for more information about the game.