The principle of Kingdom Hunter’s game progress is to compete with other users by developing your Kingdom and building the strength of your Heroes through Kingdom Management.

  • Players becomes a Kingdom Lord and develops their own Kingdom.
  • There are more than 15 buildings in the Kingdom, such as Palace, Resource Warehouses, Assembly Hall, Barracks, etc., to develop. 
  • Each building has its own unique function, such as producing resources or troops, conducting research, supporting in battle, and hiring new Heroes.
  • It's purely up to the player to prioritize which buildings to develop or in what order to develop their construction tree.
  • Buildings can be leveled up by using Heroes under your command.
  • The higher a Hero's Intelligence (INT), the more efficient they are at developing your Kingdom. Thus, it would be a good strategy to collect smart Heroes first.

Visit Kingdom Hunter's Official Guide for more information about the Kingdom.