The Hero button is located in the bottom left corner of the screen, where you can view your Hero List. Clicking on a Hero allows you to look at their stats, change their equipment, or upgrade their Units and Skills.

There are more than 150 Heroes with unique skills to help you develop and fight your way through the world of Kingdom Hunter. Each Hero can also be customized to suit the need of your Kingdom, giving you the freedom to develop your Heroes the way you see fit!


1 Star = Common

2 Star = Rare

3 Star = Special

4 Star = Epic

5 Star = Legendary

The rarer a Hero is, the higher stats that Hero will have. Oftentimes, a level 100 Common Hero will be stronger than a low-level Legendary Hero, so you may want to consider using Common or Rare Heroes when starting out, as they will be easier to Limit Break and get to 100. Limit breaking raises the maximum level a Hero can attain. To Limit Break, you must get another copy of a Hero you already have in your Army. Let’s say you have the 1-Star Hero Coco and her level is 10/36. In this situation, your current maximum level is 36. To raise her level cap, you must get another Coco. Getting another will raise the maximum level to 49. As you see from the example, you must get multiple cards of the same Hero to raise their level limit to 100. Getting multiple cards of the same Hero is easier to get on Common and Rare heroes.

Hero Type
There are three types of Units a Hero commands in Kingdom Hunter. Infantry, Archery, and Mage.

Infantry is strong against Archery but weak against Mages.
Archery is strong against Mages but weak against Infantry.
Mages are strong against Infantry but weak against Archery.

Hero Skills
A Hero's skills are as important as their stats or battle classes. Hero skills are divided into Passive Skills and Active Skills. Active Skills need time before they are ready to use in battle, while Passive Skills are always in effect.

1 Skill Point is given to a Hero every 10 levels. These Skill Points can be used to upgrade any skill of your preference.

Hero Attributes
POW raises your Hero's attack and POW skills. It also influences the outcome of a Duel. At the start of a battle, a Duel may occur. Winning a Duel gives your whole team a boost to their attack. There is also a chance for the Hero who lost the Duel to be removed from combat after losing. That Hero is automatically captured. Bonus ATK will be applied to the Units commanded by the Hero.

INT raises INT skill-based damage. INT also increases the bonus experience your structures gain when developing. It also increases the chance for success when Persuading Heroes. Leveling your INT Heroes is a must if you want to quickly level up your structures or Persuade Enemy Heroes.

LEAD determines the number of Units a Hero can command. The more Units a Hero has, the higher that Hero’s attack and HP will be. LEAD also increases the damage of Lead type skills.

P/I/L Special Symbols
Even though two Heroes may have the same name, that does not mean they are equal in power.
Some Heroes are blessed by the Gods with special stat bonuses, represented by P/I/L icons on their cards.

Each letter of PIL provides a bonus to the corresponding Stat, with a Hero showing their true power once all three letters are collected. These "Prism Hero Cards" will gain a permanent bonus that reduces the activation time of their Hero Skills by 1 turn.

Acquiring Heroes
Heroes can be obtained from the Tavern inside your Kingdom, from the Traveler's Inn on the World Map, captured in battle and persuaded into the Prison, exchanged with Allies, bought from the Shop, or summoned from specific items.

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