Kingdom Hunter uses a trinity or triangle system for combat. The system may positively or negatively influence the damage output of participating combatants.

Certain Unit types have an innate advantage over other Unit types in combat. Depending on the upgrade path you decide for your Hero’s Units, these advantages can give you the upper hand in the battle against your enemies.

Unit Advantage: Infantry, Archers, & Mages

The basic rule of thumb for Unit types is as follows:

  • Infantry has an advantage over Archers.
  • Archers have an advantage over Mages.
  • Mages have an advantage over Infantry.

As you increase the ranks of your Units, they will gain bonuses against specific Unit types. Even within the same Tier of Units, some will be more focused on offense or defense compared to other types. Depending on what you plan to use your Hero for, you should carefully choose which Unit Upgrade to get when they are available.

For example: The Black Knight is a Tier 7 Infantry Unit. They get a 10% boost to their Effective Damage against Archery Units, and a 50% reduction in the Effective Damage they take from Mages. In contrast, the Battle Chariot is also a Tier 7 Infantry Unit that gets a larger 20% boost to their Effective Damage to Archery Units, but do not gain any defensive advantage against Mages.

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