Resource Collection is the core of a strong economy and a powerful Kingdom. There are two main ways to finance the development of your Kingdom, each with its pros and cons. Active Resource Collection will require you to use your Heroes to explore and collect resources on the World Map, while Passive Resource Collection is done without any extra effort. To find out more, read below!

Active Resource Collection

The amount of resources you gather depends on your Hero's stats, Level, and Units. Upgrading any of these three will increase how much you gather per trip. Sending a Corps with several Heroes in it will give you a lot of resources but will also increase the amount of time they are away from your base.

A majority of your resources will be gained from gathering them on the World Map from Open Farms and Mines. This does not use Action Points, so it is always a good idea to send out troops that you do not need to defend your Kingdom.

When gathering from an Open Farm or Mine, the Level of the Base will only affects how much material the area has. It does not affect the speed you get resources, so it is best to focus on the nearest Bases when starting out.

You can also gather resources at a Hidden Cache or Sealed Mine. Collecting here will immediately give you a set amount of resources, but costs Action Points and there is a small chance to find nothing for your efforts.

Lastly, increasing the number of Units under a Hero's command will increase the amount of gathered resources. This can be done in 3 main ways.

  1. Upgrading your Portal will increase the number of deployed Units for each upgrade level.
  2. Upgrading the Portal Power Plant at your Fort Yard will also increase the number of deployed Units, but this upgrade costs Runestones to upgrade.
  3. Researching the Military Academy at the Laboratory will increase the Units a Hero command. There are several Tiers of this upgrade, but they are expensive.

Passive Resource Collection

Resources are collected passively at facilities found at the Land Office. Every Hour, Gold, Food, and Metal are collected and added to your Resource Warehouse. The collection rate is slower than actively sending your Heroes out on the World Map but much safer. As your Palace Levels up, you will gain access to more buildings to collect resources from, but each one must be leveled up individually.

Some Heroes and equipment will also have skills that increase your Kingdom's passive Gold or Food collection. These skills usually require a high level, so be sure to level up your Heroes often and collect equipment from Quests!

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