Declaration of War & Battle for Prestige

Prestige War is a battle for your pride where you can fight against neutral kingdoms instead of enemies or allies. The battle will begin once war is declared against a nearby neutral kingdom.

Declaration of War only lasts for a certain period of time once activated. You may acquire Prestige Points immediately depending on the opponent's kingdom level.

While the Declaration of War is activate, you may declare a Prestige War on the target kingdom. There is a chance to capture enemy heroes upon winning the battle, however, no resources will be obtained.

However, in a Prestige War, the Walls and Turrets of the defending player will not appear. All defeated units will be considered as Wounded, even if the attacking player is defeated.

Also, each side can only deploy one Corp to attack or defend during these battles.

If you are focused on obtaining Prestige Points, it would be ideal to 'Declare' a war without an actual attack. However, declaring War may anger your enemy into attacking your kingdom instead, so keep your eyes peeled!

Kingdom Siege

Only Enemy Kingdoms can normally be attacked. You are able to plunder resources upon winning a battle, as well as capturing Heroes guarding the Kingdom. However, the chance of capturing Heroes defending their Kingdom is slightly higher than capturing heroes who are on standby.

Upon invading an Enemy Kingdom, there will be Walls and Turrets to go through, and Heroes will not be able to use their skills until the Wall has fallen.

Don't forget that Units will be considered as KIA if you fail to win the battle against the Kingdom that you've attacked.

Any Kingdom that is attacked repeatedly will automatically enter Peace Mode. Also, the chance of persuading or capturing Heroes will decrease gradually.


You can set a common target with your Alliance Members by using the Rally feature. However, gathering a Rally to attack a dungeon will require AP.

Once you've joined a Rally created by one of your Alliance Members, your Units will advance to the target location after a designated time and the battle will begin automatically.

Visit Kingdom Hunter's Official Guide for more information about the game.