If you would like to contact the Customer Support team, please follow the steps below.

1.  Click the Menu icon, then click on Notice.

2.  On the Notice menu you are able to view Events & Updates, Guides & Tips, and Announcements


3.  Scroll all the way down to view Support and Ticket

4.  If you click on Support it will take you to our Kingdom Hunter Forum where you can find categorize information about the game, Introduction, FAQ, Beginner’s Guide, Game System, and Heroes


5.  If you click on the Ticket button it will direct you to the Ticket Page to start the ticket process

6. Fill out the Email section make sure that you have the correct registered email information.

7. Write down the "Subject" of your support ticket.

8.  Select the type of ticket in this case, it's a game "Bug"

9.  Select the game: "Kingdom Hunter"

10. Once the option has been selected you can start filling out the Description Section of the reported issue or inquiry.

11.  Type in your Lord Name: and Kingdom Server Number. This will be helpful for the Support team and saves time, so they don't need to ask you for the information.

12.  In the description section, type in a detailed explanation of what you are trying to report and attach any images or videos using the "Attach a file" link make sure that the attached file size is not too big.

13.  Once the Support Ticket is ready, click "Submit" and your ticket should be sent.