There are five different Rumble Modes that comes with preset conditions and objectives than simply defeating your opponents.

King of the Hill 
Whoever controls the highest ground will win the battle. To gain control, you must stay at the peak of the map. If there is more than one player on the highest ground, control will go to whoever arrived first. If the controlling player is attacked or killed, control will transfer to the next person in line. Players killed will respawn after a certain time.

Moving Screen
Players will begin at the ground level and must reach the very top of the map. There are many ways to reach the top, but it is important to move within the speed and boundary of the moving screen. You will lose if you go outside the bounds of the screen. You can use this to your advantage by punching your enemies out of the screen!

Caged Beast
In this Team Rumble Mode, you will fight opponents one-on-one as your team members await in cages. Each cage will open when the current player on your team is defeated. The next player on your team will then fight the same opponent until they are defeated. When the timer reaches 60 seconds, all cages will blast open for a free-for-all melee!

Potion Battle 
Players must drink their way to victory in this fast-paced mode! Each player can pick up various potions found throughout the level. To do so, pick up a potion by pressing the 'Punch' button, then press 'Punch' again to begin drinking it. Drinking takes time and leaves you vulnerable - if you are attacked while drinking, you will drop the potion. Whoever drinks the most potions will win!

Players are thrown into the arena with HP at the beginning of the match and during respawn. You must knock out other players or throw them off the map to gain kill counts. To win, you or your team must reach a kill count of 12. Kill counts are visible as skulls next to your portrait. A Big Skull equals 5 Kills, while a Small Skull equals 1. If a player commits suicide, no one earns a kill.

When you get knocked out, you will respawn after 5 seconds in a random location. Your HP and SP will reset, but your Morph Gauge will keep its level, as well as your Nan-Mu and Panic Attack.

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