Giving your friend a gift on Nine Dragons Awaken is simple! Just follow these steps below:

1. Open up your RedFox Games Marketplace window. 

2. Locate the item you wish you Gift to your friend and click [GIFT].

3. A message from the client will pop up asking, "Are you ready to gift the item(s) you've selected?" Once you have confirmed the items, click [OK].

4. On the next screen, find the area labeled Character and input your friend's in-game name. 

5. Once you have input your friend's in-game name, click [CONFIRM].

6. On the next screen, you will have the option of writing a message to go along with the gift you are sending. Max 50 characters per message.

7. After you have written your message, click [CONFIRM].

8. You should receive a message from the client stating, "Gift successfully has been sent".
9. And you're done!