General Commands     Key
    Move to location     Left Click
    Character Window     C
    Inventory Window     I
    Kung Fu Window     S
    Mastery Window     D
    Quest Window     Q
    Options Window     O
    World Map     N
    Minimap (Minimize/Maximize)     M
    Minimap (Zoom In/Out)     F3 / F4

    Combat Commands     Key
    Attack     A or
    Double Left Click
    Switch Weapon Set     W
    Use Quickslots     0 - 9
    Change Quickslot Bar     ` or ~
    Toggle Combat/Peace Mode     Tab
    Pick Up Loot     Spacebar
    Sprint (Use Lightfoot)     Left ALT
    Show Hidden Names     Left CTRL

    Chat Commands     Key
    Begin Chat     ENTER
    Close Chat     ESC
    Change Chat Channel     TAB
    Reply to Whisper     R

    System Commands     Key
    General Help     F1
    Interface Help     F2
    Hide/Show Interface     F5
    Reset Interface     F6
    Messenger     F7
    Pigeongram     F8
    Toggle Music     F9
    Quit Game     F12
    Toggle Windowed Mode     ALT+ENTER
    Minimize/Restore Game     ALT+TAB

    Camera Commands     Key
    Face North     DEL or
    Double Click Middle Mouse
    Camera Zoom In/Out     HOME / END or
    Mouse Wheel Up / Down
    Camera Rotate     Arrow Keys or Hold Right Click

    Other Commands     Key
    Target Self     U
    Meditate     P
    Take Screenshot     PRINT SCREEN
    Emoticons (with Num Lock on)     Keypad 0 - 9
    Close Open Window/Cancel Chat     F12